CeloPay Modernizes Outdated Processes With the Help of HelloSign's API

CeloPay Uses HelloSign

What happens when a company needs to collect sensitive billing information, but doesn’t have access to a fax machine or a secure network to do so? In days past, that meant jumping through hoops to safely and compliantly request and receive the desired info.

Today it’s as easy as using CeloPay.

This Georgia-based service facilitates the submission, storage, and processing of payment information in a convenient, secure, and compliant method. No fax machines or unsecured emails are required, making it an accessible and safe solution for companies of all sizes.

CeloPay recently integrated HelloSign’s API into their application, embedding electronic signatures into their billing info request process. This has given their customers the peace of mind of having a legally binding signature, and a speedy way to request, collect, and confirm billing information in one fell swoop.

Read on to learn more!

About CeloPay

CeloPay was started by Jason Harper in 2011. After working in the hospitality industry for many years Harper noticed the challenges and dangers of old-fashioned third-party billing workflows.

“Traditionally hotels would use a paper form that you’d have to send out and fax back,” he shared.

Not only was this a time-consuming process for the hotel requesting the information, it was far from ideal for the customer. Customers were (rightly) wary of sharing sensitive information like credit card numbers or banking details.

This inspired Harper to build a solution.

Where HelloSign Comes In

CeloPay works like this:

  1. A user generates a billing request using CeloPay’s application.
  2. The request form is sent to the intended customer or client.
  3. The client completes the form, and then electronically signs the request.
  4. The completed form is returned to the CeloPay user for safe storage.

All steps are completed seamlessly within CeloPay’s application. The uninterrupted nature of the flow is one of their biggest selling points. “Hotels are interested in having one place to go for all their needs. This can be achieved when using CeloPay,” said Harper.

It was HelloSign’s API that allowed CeloPay to embed a critical component of the workflow: the legally binding eSignature.

“Having the electronic signing portion gives our customers stronger legs to stand on. Their customers may complete these billing request documents and they may never look at them again. But in the instance that a charge is disputed, our users have a legally binding signature to point to that says that yes, these charges were approved.”

Why HelloSign?

CeloPay prides itself on combining excellent security with ease of use, so finding an eSignature partner that could offer the same was of utmost importance.

Harper said there were several things that led Harper to HelloSign’s API:

  • Customization. “Our customers come to us because they trust us and our name. It can be jarring for them to see another vendor’s logo during a workflow. Premium branding ensures that the process is seamless and branded. The fact that HelloSign offered premium branding was big in our decision.”
  • Mobile-Optimization. “Previously our entire application was mobile-optimized except for the eSignature portion. HelloSign changed that.”
  • Reliability. “We were using another eSignature vendor before, but issues kept coming up. Our company name is on the chopping block when issues arise, even if it’s out of our control. We needed something that could provide consistent and reliable performance.”

As for the actual integration of the API, it couldn’t have gone better: 

“The integration took one week with one person (including QA testing). It was unbelievably simple. And even when we did hit a roadblock, the API support was incredibly helpful and patient. It was honestly a dream to integrate.”

The Happy Results

The response to the integration been excellent thus far. “Customers have shared that it’s cleaner, simpler, and overall nicer. People enjoy being able to sign on their mobile device. They can complete the flow on their iPhone. Feedback has been nothing but great,” Harper said.

What’s Next for CeloPay?

As a customer-driven company, CeloPay is always evolving to be the best solution they can for their users.

“90% of what we develop in our product is based on our customer feedback. We’ll always continue to innovate. We’ve already added payment processing based on customer requests. We’re also looking to expand CeloPay so that hotels can send out their own contracts for signature.”

To learn more about CeloPay, visit their website. Tell them we say hello!

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