6 Task Management Apps We're Loving

6 Task Management Apps

It’s Monday. Want to make your week count? No worries. We’ve got you covered! 

Here are our favorite apps to keep your thoughts and your tasks organized:

1. Paperless Lists

A well-executed checklist is a thing of beauty and this is app hails back to the simpler days of notepads and pens - without the paper. Paperless Lists gives you the power to create and organize checklists into a single accessible location. 

For those who are visually motivated, the app boasts a robust icon library (over 450!) allowing users to further customize their todo lists. 

Best for: Quickly creating and organizing multiple todo lists.

2. 30/30

I’m not always a huge fan of task managers that are more complicated than a simple todo list, but 30/30 manages to keep it simple while providing incredible (and easy to navigate) functionality. 

The phone app allows you to create a dynamic task list, complete with time limits. This means you not only have a list of todos, you have a schedule to keep as well. 

Best for: Ease of use paired with functionality.

3. 24me

Straight from the site: "24me is a personal assistant in your pocket. Be more productive and spend your time on things you really like." 

24me is a comprehensive phone app for organizing your calendar, your email, and your todo list. 

Some of the most interesting features include:

  • Bill pay
  • Dictation
  • To-do list building
  • and calendar

The syncing and automation features make this an iced cake of an app. 

Best for: Automated task management.

4. Toggl

Time blocking can help you to stay organized as you tackle the beast of any todo list and I’ve long been a fan of Timer Tab to track time. But Toggl takes it a step further by compiling your task management efforts into a daily report. This time tracking feature is huge for those wanting to keep tabs on where their time is spent as they check off their daily items. 

Best for: Task management and time optimization.

5. Nowdothis

Nowdothis is a (very) straightforward tool to help you tackle your todo list item-by-item. Rather than sharing the complete list, Nowdothis lists a single todo item at a time. In order to view your next todo item, you must complete the task at hand and click “done." Single task management for the win! 

Best for: Simplicity. Seriously – so (so) simple.

6. Taco

For those of you who want the whole enchilada (or the whole taco), Taco is an app that gives you access to all the things. And I mean all. the. things. If you’re familiar with using online tools to aggregate everything into one spot (un.roll me comes to mind), then you’ll feel at ease with Taco’s interface. 

Taco gathers todo list items you’ve stored on various sites and aggregates them into a single scrolling list. While it may be a little overwhelming for those of you who’ve stretched your todo lists far and wide (my initial Taco list was 107 items long), it’s perfect for product managers or planners who need to keep items organized. 

Best for: Functionality and scope of application.

Honorable Mentions

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