Free eBook: The Ultimate Guide to Lean Selling

The Ultimate Guide to Lean Selling

In case you haven’t heard the exciting news, we’re launching our HelloSign for Salesforce integration! This integration joins our growing team of HelloSign's CRM integrations (like HelloSign for HubSpot CRM). 

Integrations like these empower sales teams of all types and sizes to get their contracts signed quickly, with minimal effort and maximum automation. 

To celebrate the momentous occasion we created a comprehensive guide for sales teams who want to become more efficient at every stage of the sales cycle. The 32-page resource is packed with actionable tips to help sales teams close more deals faster.

Download "The Ultimate Guide to Lean Selling" here!

Why Go Lean?

B2B Lead estimates that lost sales productivity and wasted marketing budgets cost companies at least $1 trillion a year

The knee-jerk response to correct such losses has traditionally been to fill the gap with higher quotas and more pressure on sales teams to “perform better.” Yet scrambling to make up for lost resources is usually the very thing that feeds into sales inefficiency and unproductivity to begin with. 

So what’s a company to do? 

Instead of defaulting to asking for even more from sales teams, companies need to shift into the habit of asking, “How can we achieve the same goals with less? How can our sales reps spend less time on administrative work and less time in front of unqualified leads? How can they get distracted by less busy work?” 

Ultimately, sales functions need to think critically about how they can become leaner. “The Ultimate Guide to Lean Selling” shows you how to do just that.

What's Inside

The 32-page guide is filled with actionable ways to trim down the slowest or most inefficient processes that exist in sales cycles. 

You’ll learn tactics for:

  • Speeding up the prospecting cycle
  • Speeding up the middle of the sales cycle
  • Speeding up the close
  • Plus our recommended sales tools to help you achieve your goals with less wasted resources

Download your free copy of “The Ultimate Guide to Lean Selling” here!


Still hungry for more? 

We have a free sales resource to hold you over. Download "How Sales Teams Use eSignatures to Sell Smarter" today!    

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