How HelloSign is helping HR business Greenhouse onboard 10,000 hires every month

"How HelloSign is helping HR business Greenhouse onboard 10,000 hires every month" header image

Launched in 2012 and headquartered in New York City, Greenhouse is a leading provider of HR software. With nearly 4,000 customers on the books, the business is continuing to grow rapidly.

Greenhouse customers’ people and talent teams were already successfully using digital and integrated solutions during much of the hiring process. Yet many were still being slowed down right at the end by outdated pen-and-paper onboarding practices that just weren’t flexible enough to fully support remote workforces.

Recognizing the pain of signing and organizing multiple packets of confidential HR paperwork when onboarding employees, Greenhouse turned to HelloSign’s eSignature technology to help its customers.

Truly digital, from first step to last

To bring speed and flexibility to onboarding processes for its customers, Greenhouse chose to embed HelloSign’s eSignature tools directly into its Greenhouse Onboarding solution.

Now, rather than juggling multiple pieces of paper or logging in and out of different systems, Greenhouse Onboarding provides people teams and hiring managers with a structured and automated onboarding process, from the first step to the very last.

This quick, seamless, entirely digital approach ensures administrative tasks can be completed quickly and easily, make the hiring experience a great one for both employee and employer. It allows new hires to become productive and active members of the company from the moment an offer is accepted.

Enabling flexible and seamless onboarding

Tools that enable remote work are now an essential asset for every business. HelloSign is helping make Greenhouse’s goal of bringing flexibility to the traditional onboarding process a reality.

Backed by HelloSign, the Greenhouse Onboarding solution is now helping companies of all sizes onboard over 10,000 new hires each month. HelloSign’s API allows Greenhouse to deftly scale its product to meet growing usage and customer demand, while removing impractical paper documents and time-consuming wet signatures from the workflow.

The HelloSign API also makes it possible to fully premium brand the signing process, embedding HelloSign functions directly into the Greenhouse Onboarding solution – providing new hires with a polished UI environment that enhances the brand, and a cohesive experience that no longer requires multiple sign-ins or accounts.

According to Aaron Gibralter, Director of Product Engineering at Greenhouse, the impact HelloSign is having is clear: “The goal of Greenhouse Onboarding is to create an automated and seamless experience for new hires to become productive and active members of the company faster. HelloSign eSignature integration serves as an important part of this to provide our customers with a seamless and uninterrupted onboarding experience.”

What’s next for Greenhouse

Already recognized as a leader in the talent acquisition industry, Greenhouse is used by some of the smartest and most successful companies around, from HubSpot, to Cisco Meraki and Dropbox.

It’s onwards and upwards from here – and as the business continues to grow globally, Greenhouse’s partnership with HelloSign will help it continue to meet the diverse needs of people teams everywhere.

HelloSign makes sending, receiving, and managing legally binding eSignatures smooth and seamless. To find out how our market-leading eSignature tools can help your business work smarter, start your 30 day free trial today, or contact sales to find the right plan for you.

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