Learn How to Become a Million Dollar Producer with Randy Schwantz

Learn How to Become a Million Dollar Producer with Randy Schwantz
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Don’t miss the latest installment in the ongoing HelloSign expert webinar series! Randy Schwantz will teach you the proven, revenue-boosting strategies on how to become a Million Dollar Producer.

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The best selling author known for The Wedge and How To Get Your Competition Fired aims to double your insurance book of business in three years with only having half as many accounts as you do now. How is this even possible? By investing more attention into the accounts that make up the top 20% of your revenue, re-aligning less profitable accounts and cutting out incumbent relationships, Randy has developed a tried and true method to win new business fast. 

During this one-hour session, Randy will share a specific action plan that he’s been developing over the past two decades to boost your performance to the million-dollar level. He’ll be arming you with a proven formula to get the most out of your more profitable accounts, tools you need to benchmark your progress and a pre-call strategy that’s sure to grow your bottom line. 

During This Webinar You Will Learn:

  • A specific action plan to boost your performance to the million-dollar level.
  • A proven formula to over-serve your top 20% while re-aligning or discarding your unprofitable accounts.
  • Worksheets forms and tools to record, track and benchmark the progress you are making against the goal you have set.
  • Develop a strong pre-call strategy prior to new business interviews. This involves knowing the incumbent, the incumbent agency, the prospect and the key players.
  • Prepare the prospect to fire the incumbent agent.

About the Presenter: 

Randy Schwantz is an International Best-Selling Author and serves as the President & CEO of The Wedge Group, a sales training and consulting firm headquartered near Dallas, Texas. He is in the business of helping agencies, carriers and other companies accelerate their profitable growth by integrating their salespeople, support staff and executive leadership into a high-performance team. 

A highly sought after speaker, he's been featured on ABC News, The New York Times, Entrepreneur magazine, Zywave, Insurance Journal and more. Randy’s bestselling books include The Wedge, Breaking The Sales Barrier - How To Develop Million Dollar Producers, Red Hot Introductions, How To Get Your Competition Fired (Without Saying Anything Bad About Them).

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