What the Lorax Might Say About Paperless Offices

What the Lorax Might Say About Paperless Offices
“I speak for the trees, for the trees have no tongues.” ― Dr. Seuss, The Lorax

In honor of Earth Day (a day that’s very near and dear to our paperless-office heart), we wanted to deviate from normal blog content in favor of sharing a tribute to our big beautiful Earth. 

In Dr. Seuss lingo, no less. 

Because if there’s one person who can spread BIG messages in small couplets and rhymes, it’s that fine gentleman (with the help of the Lorax). 


A Tribute to the Paperless Office:

From printing and filing to shredding the lot,
There’s a good deal of wasting we all do in this spot.
What spot? You might ask,
Why the office, you see!
It’s a place of much genius,
but a place in much need.
For those memos and faxes and papers galore,
fill up trash cans chest-high, paper waste – door to door!
Well, today of all days is a fine time to be,
trimming down on this loss, searching far for the key.
So dear readers and friends,
(cross the land and the sea),
listen hard, listen close,
here’s our “paperless plea.”
See, the time is just right for the paperless biz,
Not just for that memo, but the tall tree that lives.
‘Cause that tree as it lives could be doing much more,
than filling a trash can or tossed straight on the floor.
So go forth now, be swift!
Go with fire in your hearts,
You’re on a big mission to shed paper from those parts.
For a paperless office is much more than a fad,
it’s a place that the Lorax would deem, “Totally rad.”

Happy Earth Day!    

Go paperless

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