Trxade Makes Complicated Vendor Applications Easy with the HelloSign API

Trxade Uses HelloSign

Trxade is a wholesale pharmaceutical pricing platform serving over 4000+ independent pharmacies. Partnering with top industry suppliers, Trxade offers easy access to the best products from leading pharmaceutical companies. 

By automating the application process for their users, Trxade makes it easier and faster for pharmacists to access affordable pharmaceuticals.

Challenge: Filling multiple applications from different vendors

The lengthy application process required by pharmaceutical vendors has long been a pain point for independent pharmacists. The application process can take upwards of 48 hours and most wholesale vendors require complex paperwork and a series of back and forth approvals. 

To save resources and optimize the experience for their pharmacist users, Trxade removed the repetition of applying to multiple vendors by automatically populating applications with user information. They use the HelloSign eSignature API and embedded templates to accomplish the automation.

Solution: Streamlining the application process from 90+ fields to a few simple clicks

Since some vendor applications require over 90+ data fields, Trxade uses the HelloSign API to automatically populate various pre-formatted applications. 

Here’s how the Trxade + HelloSign flow works. When a new user signs up for a Trxade account, the company captures and stores the new user’s information in their system. Whenever a user needs to send an application to a new wholesaler, Trxade uses information from that initial account registration to automatically fill out applications. 

Jeff Davis, Trxade’s CTO, shared the details:

"We load all our applications into HelloSign’s template system and set up the fields in there. We then use the API to select and populate the template, then pull the merged document back to present to the users to complete and sign seamlessly in our site.”

Currently, Trxade uses 1 generic template and 8 other templates to format and populate the various vendor applications. Auto-filling the forms allowed Trxade to streamline the application process from 48 hours and 90+ fields to just a few clicks.

Why HelloSign? 10 times easier to integrate than EchoSign

Trxade has been a HelloSign user since January of 2015, but it wasn’t the first eSignature solution used by Trxade. The company used EchoSign for 3+ years before switching to HelloSign’s API.

Though they were fully integrated with EchoSign’s API, an unexpected hike in EchoSign's pricing (which resulted in a 400% increase) prompted Jeff and his team to reassess EchoSign as their eSignature provider. And given less than a month to make the switch before the pricing increase, they knew they needed a more affordable alternative that would be simple to integrate. 

After the initial search, Trxade narrowed it down to HelloSign and 4 other possible eSignature API solutions. Having the experience and eye of a developer, Jeff was drawn to HelloSign’s clean and easy documentation.

“Due to the quick timeline for the solution, we needed something that was going to be easy to integrate. 

Coming from the perspective of the developer, the HelloSign API looked like it would be the easiest to integrate – especially compared to the other ones we were considering. The documentation was key in our choosing HelloSign.”

It’s not always easy to pull one integration and plug in another but once Jeff and his team selected the HelloSign API, they had it up and running in under two weeks.

"We put two of our developers on the project, not the whole team. We operate an agile development process with two week sprints and we had the integration up and running within one sprint.”

As the original engineer on the Trxade developing team, Jeff was also involved in both integrations. He shared his experience with each integration:

"Having integrated both the EchoSign API and the HelloSign API, I can tell you that it was about 10 times easier to implement the HelloSign API. 
To integrate EchoSign initially it took about a month and a lot of back and forth with their support since it wasn’t quite as easy to implement some of the features as they said. I recall it taking a lot of time to get it working."

A quick integration focused on developer experience

Since integrating the HelloSign API, Trxade continues to use paperwork automation to create a better experience for their independent pharmacists. As they continue to provide the easiest pricing platform for pharmacists, Jeff had these final words about HelloSign:

“My biggest liking about HelloSign was just the ease. We used some of your advanced functionality right off the bat and it was really quick to implement and that was really nice."

We’re lucky to have such an amazing user! If you want to check out the Trxade flow or learn more about their platform, head over to their website. Tell them we said hi! 

If you’re interested in how you can integrate eSignatures or embedded templates into your website check out our API.

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