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Pigeon Loans is a peer-to-peer lending platform that facilitates loans between family, friends, and loved ones. The platform provides their users the ability to generate legal contracts, make online payments, store loan documentation, enable automatic bank withdrawals, and make international transactions, all in an easy to use interface.

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The Challenge
The Opportunity

The traditional peer-to-peer lending process is time-consuming, inefficient, and disorganized. It consists of manually tracking spreadsheets, setting up payment reminders, and storing the signed documents and contracts. This makes the process fragmented, confusing, and not necessarily legally binding. Seeing a unique opportunity to provide an innovative product that would solve for this, Brian Bristol and Anna Matilde Tanga built Pigeon Loans, the world’s first global lending platform dedicated to facilitating and enabling loans between friends, families, and people you trust.

While building Pigeon Loans, Brian knew he needed to include electronic signatures in their loan process so that the entire experience could create legally supported loans and be as seamless as possible for their users. Searching the market and comparing eSignature API solutions, HelloSign’s stood out to Brian. Being a software engineer with years of experience using APIs, HelloSign’s developer documentation and framework was extremely easy to pick up and learn right out of the box. Plus, the ability to embed the signing process into Pigeon Loans was a crucial differentiator from other vendors.

He explains, “DocuSign’s solution is clunky and it only works within the DocuSign environment. In order to sign, you’re redirected to their website which makes the whole signing process fragmented. This takes the signer away from the Pigeon Loans website and brand, which makes the signing experience feel broken.”

Impressed with the thorough API documentation and clean embed feature, Brian reached out to the HelloSign sales team to begin the buying and implementation process.

"다른 API도 설치해봤지만, 보통 설치를 완료하기까지 일주일은 걸렸습니다. 반면, 미래지향적 기술을 사용하는 HelloSign의 경우, 쉽게 이해할 수 있는 명확한 설명서를 제공해 3시간 이내로 설치를 완료할 수 있었죠. 개인 최단 시간 기록을 경신했습니다."

Brian Bristol
The Solution

The entire purchase and build process took less than a day from start to finish. Brian decided on HelloSign API that morning, worked with the sales representative, and began digging through the API documentation and online resources. Within only 2-3 hours, he was finished with the implementation. The collaboration between both parties resulted in such a quick process, start to finish, that it took only Brian himself less than 1 day to complete.

“I looked at HelloSign’s API to test it out and reached out to your sales team. It was as simple as a short conversation, and I began implementing that same day. It was absolutely amazing to have that coalition between myself, your sales rep, and your engineers.” - Brian Bristol, CTO and Co-Founder explains. “I’ve implemented other APIs and it usually takes about a week. HelloSign is using such forward-looking technology, along with clear and easy to understand documentation that I was able to do it in less than 3 hours. This was a record for me.”

Not only were the accessible documentation and seamless signing a champion for Brian, but it was important for him to find an API that could scale and have a clean interface at a fair cost. Brian says, “We’re scaling up tremendously in terms of volume, so we knew HelloSign could support us in handling larger amounts of future eSignature requests. HelloSign has the design, ease of implementation and a nice price point. These 3 factors were perfect for Pigeon Loans.”

While Pigeon Loans is a technology forward company, they also needed to partner with an eSignature solution that their Legal team would be confident in as well.

“When looking for an eSignature provider there are two characteristics that are essential to providing consumer confidence. We had the user experience aspect of providing a user-friendly, clean, and professional loan signing process. We also wanted the legal aspect of picking an eSignature provider who is fully vetted by our lawyers for storage process and providing a legally binding signing process that could be held up in court. HelloSign checked off both of these boxes for us.”

The Results

1 Engineer < 3 Hrs to Implement HelloSign API

The developer documentation paired with the online videos enabled Brian to implement HelloSign’s API into Pigeon Loans on his own in record time. The documentation is built by developers, for developers, and it was a huge selling point when comparing eSignature vendors.

“HelloSign has really good documentation for someone with an engineering and technical background. This was a top priority when searching for an eSignature solution,” says Brian.

Loan Process Reduced from 2 Weeks to 8 Minutes

The time it took to engage in the traditional lending process has been greatly reduced from an average of 2 weeks to only 8 minutes, because Pigeon Loans and HelloSign’s e-signature API now work seamlessly together to provide all aspects of lending in one, easy to use, place.

What’s Next for Customer?

Pigeon Loans has created the first-ever global lending platform to enable loans between loved ones. The technology, Brian and Anna have built is now patent-pending, and they’re optimistic for a fully granted patent in the future. They have much bigger plans than being just a lending tool and seek to grow Pigeon Loans into a financial wellness tool that will help lenders get paid back every time they entrust money to their loved ones, plus support borrowers in building their financial well-being. With plans to scale and grow in the near future, Pigeon Loans is positive that HelloSign API can help them accomplish this.

“I’m confident that as we scale HelloSign can support us. Simply because of HelloSign’s technology and the engineers who are experts at what they do. As we continue to grow, we can grow together, and scale as a company and as a product.” -Brian Bristol, CTO and Co-Founder.

Pigeon Loans recently launched on Product Hunt. Learn more about their mission and join in on the growing wave of everyday people making loans with each other across the globe.

The Future

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Interested in enjoying results like Pigeon Loans?
Interested in enjoying results like Pigeon Loans?
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