How healthcare company VolitionRx is simplifying the search for better cancer diagnosis with HelloSign + Dropbox

VolitionRx is a multi-national healthcare company headquartered in Austin, Texas with locations in the UK, Belgium, California, and Singapore. The business develops blood-based cancer tests that detect the presence of abnormal cells far earlier than conventional screening programmes.

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Image showing a number of downloadable documents
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Image of the HelloSign product

Potential for security risks

Printing and sharing contracts with financially and medically sensitive data meant the signature process was slow and not as secure as it could be.


Seamless eSignatures

Documents can be edited, shared signed and stored digitally anytime, anywhere saving employees time on admin.


Simplified Workflows

Using HelloSign and Dropbox enables employees to send documents for signature with a few clicks and ensure all are securely saved in Dropbox.

A deeper dive with


The Challenge
The Opportunity

Signing, sorting and sharing legally binding contracts

The 2020 pandemic has transformed the way we work. Social distancing rules meant many companies were forced to switch to remote working almost overnight, but for biotech firm VolitionRx it wasn’t quite that simple.

Although already using Dropbox Business to connect its 60 employees, across Europe, Asia and the Americas, VolitionRx needed to find a way to keep its 20,000 square foot lab open, liaise with corporate staff working at home, and fulfill regulatory requirements while employees worked from home throughout the pandemic.

Like all businesses in the healthcare industry, VolitionRx takes data security very seriously. Creating and validating nucleosomics-based cancer tests creates masses of protected medical data that must be secured and signed off every time it’s used or shared. What’s more, as a publicly traded business listed on the NYSE, employees at VolitionRx are required to sign a range of fair practice agreements, by hand, on a regular basis.

The result? Employees working from home found themselves struggling to share, sign, sort, and store legally binding contracts – particularly the HR and regulatory teams responsible for ensuring paperwork was kept up-to-date throughout the pandemic.

Wanting to reduce the burden of paperwork, Daniel Halter, Group IT Manager at VolitionRx, turned to HelloSign to digitize the signature process.

“We needed an eSignature solution that was repeatable and scalable, that could be used across different time zones and languages, and which didn’t rely on on-premise IT systems that are difficult to maintain.”

"HelloSign은 장소와 장치를 가리지 않고 확장성도 뛰어납니다. IT팀에게 이러한 제품은 꿈의 제품이죠. 모두가 동일한 경험을 하고, 관리도 간편해 회사가 확장하더라도 워크플로를 변경할 필요가 없습니다. HelloSign과 Dropbox Business는 우리와 함께 성장하고 확장하죠."

VolitionRx 그룹 IT 담당자, Daniel Halter
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The Solution

Enabling speed and security with HelloSign and Dropbox

Already using Dropbox Business to connect remote lab teams and employees, Daniel says integrating HelloSign was a no-brainer.  “The less you deviate from a worker’s line of sight, the more efficient a tool will be. Using HelloSign directly through Dropbox means there’s no need to switch between apps, it doesn’t impact workflows, and it’s much easier to use. The whole process is streamlined and integrated.”

VolitionRx employees now use HelloSign to share and sign all medical data release forms, fair practice agreements, as well as internal documents. With signed documents saved automatically in Dropbox, audit trails are easy to follow and sharing documents with external regulatory bodies is simplified.

The new cloud based workflow is location and device-agnostic, making it simple for employees to use, anytime, anywhere and making it easy for IT teams to maintain. With little to no training required, integrating HelloSign into existing business workflows has been quick and cost-effective for VolitionRx.

“Using HelloSign directly through Dropbox means there’s no need to switch between apps, it doesn’t impact workflows, and it’s much easier to use. Not only does this improve security for us as an IT team, it speeds up workflows and reduces the amount of time employees spend on admin!”
The Results

According to Daniel HelloSign’s integration with Dropbox Business means uptake has been high amongst employees, with the need for little to no training. Daniel is feeling the benefits in his role, too. “HelloSign is location and device-agnostic, and scalable. For an IT team, that’s the dream: everyone gets the same experience, and maintenance is simple. This means we don’t have to change how we work as we grow – HelloSign and Dropbox Business will grow and scale with us.”

Having started with just one use case in the HR team, the tool has expanded organically throughout the business, and Daniel sees even more scope to use HelloSign in the future.


For other IT teams looking to simplify their workflows and keep remote teams collaborating, Daniel has the following advice:

“People will work with you if you listen to them and offer simple solutions that make their job easier. HelloSign and Dropbox Business can help you do just that.”
The Future

What’s next for VolitionRx

“We want everyone in the company using HelloSign in the future, especially those teams still using paper-based processes, like legal, for example. Not only will this improve security for the IT team, the move from a physical to a cloud-based eSignature process will also speed up workflows and reduce the amount of time employees spend on admin!”

Interested in seeing results like VolitionRx?

HelloSign is the easiest way to send, receive, and manage legally binding eSignatures for business. Voted #1 for Ease of Use from G2, two years in a row, our eSignature solution can make your most important workflows fast, easier, and more secure. Sign up for a free trial today to start digitizing your business.

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VolitionRx is using HelloSign + Dropbox to limit admin time so their team can focus on what’s important.
VolitionRx is using HelloSign + Dropbox to limit admin time so their team can focus on what’s important.
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