Send contracts directly from HubSpot CRM

Integrate HelloSign with HubSpot CRM to request signatures, track lifecycle status, and manage contracts out for signature. Sort your documents by last viewed or signature status to know when to follow up with leads before they get cold.

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What you get
Close Contracts Faster

Close Contracts Faster

The average turnaround time for a contract is 44 minutes when using HelloSign. Seal those deals even faster!

Request and Track Signatures

Request and Track Signatures

Make it easy to organize and follow-up on any eSignature request in your HubSpot CRM. You'll never have to worry about hunting down a document again.

Templates for High-volume Documents

Templates for High-volume Documents

Auto-populate high-volume documents with information using our templates and merge fields. Create once, reuse again and again.

Integrate with HelloSign

To get started, activate the HubSpot CRM integration on your settings page and insert your Hub ID. Then you’ll be able to track documents in your HubSpot contact feeds, request signatures within HubSpot, autofill documents with a contact’s information, and access your completed documents.

All of the docs you send through the extension will show up in the documents view on

Want to learn more about the integration? Read our blog post.

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Questions about this integration? We have answers.

Free accounts include three documents a month. Upgrade to a business plan for unlimited documents.
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Close Deals Faster with HelloSign for Salesforce

Get contracts signed without ever leaving Salesforce, no coding required

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Accelerate business growth with HelloSign for Salesforce

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Faster Contract Signing

Our intuitive user experience makes getting documents signed a breeze. Document turnaround times go from days to hours or even minutes.
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Send with Confidence

Features like pre-populated documents and smart template selection eliminate errors and the risk of sending the wrong document.
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Be More Productive

Automate the process before, during, and after sending a request. Keep your team focused on getting documents signed, not updating Salesforce records.

Smart One-Click Sending

With automatic template selection, default signers, and pre-populated templates, your team can send requests in a single click!
Screenshot of the HelloSign Salesforce integration within Salesforce

Never Leave Salesforce

Whether it’s requesting a signature, finding a document, tracking requests, or managing templates, it can all be done inside Salesforce.
Screenshot of the HelloSign for Salesforce experience within Salesforce

In-Person Signing

Provide a fully embedded in-person signing experience for your signers. Request and acquire signatures in-person on any device type.
Screenshot of the HelloSign signing experience within Salesforce
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Want to Learn More?
Read our blog post about the latest and greatest features and benefits of our Salesforce integration.
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“We are processing accounts receivable 25% faster than before because we can quickly pull up a contract and follow up with client immediately.”
Everett Lynn, CEO Amenify
HelloSign + Dropbox

Sign and store any document with HelloSign in Dropbox

Easily send, securely sign, and safely store your most important agreements in one seamless workflow, without leaving Dropbox.
Start free trial with your Dropbox account
Screenshot of the "Send for Signature" feature in Dropbox
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Keep your business moving with secure paperless signing

Save time and keep your business running with electronic signatures that can be completed quickly, securely and remotely.
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The easiest way to get legally binding eSignatures in Dropbox

Easily send signature requests and sign electronically for any document from start to finish, without leaving Dropbox.
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Automate your workflow for your most important agreements

You and your team can automatically organize, safely store and easily access signed documents, in one place.

Send, sign and store - all in Dropbox.

Simply add signers by email address to send out for signature requests.
Screenshot of the Dropbox signer experience
Screenshot of the Dropbox prepare document for signature experience
Easily prep your document by placing fields to specify the sections that need to be signed, dated and more.
Choose your Dropbox folder for your signed document to be automatically saved and safely stored.
Screenshot of storing the signed copy in a Dropbox folder
Screenshot of HelloSign document audit trail
Track your document in Dropbox with notifications of key activities and the events of the signed document with an appended audit trail.
The Dropbox logo (top left), illustraton of a dekstop folder (bottom left) and a series of signatures (right)
"We're excited to bring the power of HelloSign and Dropbox together to simplify and automate important business workflows"
Kevin Chung, Dropbox's Head of Product Partnerships
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Questions about HelloSign in Dropbox?
We have answers.
Visit our FAQ
HelloSign + Microsoft Word

Bring the ease of HelloSign eSignatures to your Microsoft Word documents.

Effortlessly sign and send any Microsoft Word document for electronic signatures with HelloSign, without leaving Word.
Screenshot of the "Send for Signature" feature in Dropbox
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Save time & stay in Word

Sign & send signature requests alongside your documents, without leaving Microsoft Word
A blue box a signature, and series of check boxes and input fields

Simple and easy to use

Get eSignatures for your document in a few clicks - simply assign signers, prep your document with signature fields and send it off for signature.
A blue box with folder with a signature on top and a document with a syncing symbol inside

More transparency with HelloSign

An Audit Trail is affixed to each signature request to ensure every action is thoroughly tracked and time-stamped. It provides proof of document access, review, and signature.

Send signature requests and sign - directly in Microsoft Word

Find and install HelloSign for Word through the Office Add-ins in the Microsoft Ribbon
Start the eSignature flow by selecting “HelloSign” in the Microsoft Ribbon to “Self-Sign” or “Request a Signature”
Start the eSignature flow by selecting “HelloSign” in the Microsoft Ribbon to “Self-Sign” or “Request a Signature”
Simply add signer names and email address for signature requests
Simply add signer names and email address for signature requests
Easily prep your document by placing fields to specify the sections that need to be signed, dated before sending it out for signature
Easily prep your document by placing fields to specify the sections that need to be signed, dated before sending it out for signature

Frequently asked questions

What is HelloSign?

HelloSign allows you to electronically request and add legally binding signatures to any document, from new hire agreements to loans, to NDAs. HelloSign is available in an intuitive web interface, a developer-friendly API, or as a Salesforce add-on.

How does HelloSign & Microsoft Word work together?

The HelloSign integration for Microsoft Word streamlines the ability to self-sign and send the document you’re working on for electronic signatures, directly from Word.
Learn more

How can I add HelloSign to Microsoft Word?

Adding HelloSign to Microsoft Word is simple. Navigate to your Microsoft Ribbon, search for “HelloSign under “Get Add-Ins” and click “Add” to install.
Learn more

How do I sign up or log-in to HelloSign from Microsoft Word?

Once HelloSign is installed in Microsoft Word, you’ll be prompted in Word to sign up for a HelloSign account or log in.

  • You can log in with your existing HelloSign account credentials to start using HelloSign directly in Word.
  • If you’re new to HelloSign and need to create an account, you can sign up here and use your new HelloSign account log in credentials to sign in to HelloSign via Microsoft Word.
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Integrate eSignatures into your Salesforce workflow in days, not weeks.

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 HelloSign for Salesforce

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Enable teams to send contracts for signature

Discover how teams are adapting to remote work and increasing complexity by simplifying and speeding up their contract workflows with embedded HelloSign eSignatures in Salesforce.
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Accelerate your team’s sales process

Enable your sales team to focus on what matters - closing deals. Find out why sales teams are integrating eSignature and CRM workflows to drive business growth without leaving Salesforce.
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Streamline contract management workflows

Find out how teams operate with speed and agility by eliminating manual processes and automating contract and document workflows. Learn five ways to increase team productivity and scale your business with HelloSign.

Close deals even faster with HelloSign eSignatures 
in Salesforce

Image of the HelloSign integration within the Salesforce appImage of the HelloSign integration within the Salesforce app

Simple embedded eSignatures

Optimize your sales process and get contracts signed without ever leaving Salesforce.
An image of the HelloSign integration available in the Salesforce marketplace

Fast and easy implementation

Implement up to 2x faster than other eSignature leaders to keep your business and teams moving.
An image of the HelloSign integration available in the Salesforce marketplace
An image of HelloSign's template functionality within SalesforceAn image of HelloSign's template functionality within Salesforce

Reusable templates save time

Generate sales agreements quickly and save them as templates to reuse the next time you need them.

Reliable support included at no extra cost

All HelloSign customers receive support from our award-winning team of real live people.
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See how HelloSign for Salesforce works

Schedule a live demo with a product specialist

Find out more about how HelloSign is easy to use, simple to implement, and ready to scale as you grow.
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"The changeover to HelloSign for Salesforce was seamless. Our hundreds of users didn’t even notice the transition and we’ve had minimal support requests compared to the previous application."
Shelley Glueckert, Director, Salesforce Automation at Vivial
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Questions about HelloSign for Salesforce? We have answers.

Visit our FAQ